Oct 22
2016 Red Bull illume

​34,624 images were submitted to the 2016 action and adventure photo competition and I was thrilled to have three of my images chosen in the top 275. It was truly wicked to have those same three judged worthy of the top 55!

It then became quite surreal to win two categories, (Spirit & Enhance) amid such a packed field of brilliant images. Huge congrats to all concerned and I thoroughly recommend checking out all the images in the top 275, such awesome work from photographers around the planet.




Big ups to the Red Bull Illume guys and gals for creating such a great platform for action & adventure photographers!

Mar 04
73rd POYi

​I'm super stoked to be recognised twice from the 73rd Pictures of the Year International competition with an Award of Excellence in the Recreational Sports category for two of my images from 2015.
The POYi dates back to 1944 and is one of the most important competitions in the world for the likes of my photo-journalistic colleagues & I, so I am honored to be amongst a long list of esteemed photographers!



Dec 10
New Zealand Press Photographer Awards
I'm really pleased & proud to be represented among great photographers, colleagues and friends in the 2015 New Zealand Press Photographer of the Year awards.


American dirt bike rider Nicholi Rogatkin crashes during the qualification rounds of the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah, USA.
“An amazing action image instantly leaving the viewing gasping and asking the obvious question — yes, he survived the fall and completed the course,” says judge Tim Clayton

Aug 14
Cliff Divers

​One of the nicest things about shooting the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is the close involvement with the athletes, and that this exists allows for some unique moments away from the action, or as a result of it.


David Colturi limbers up on the volcanic Islet of Franca do Campo, Azores, Portugal.


Blake Aldridge reacts after a final dive that lets's him qualify for the 2015 series, Cali, Colombia.


Artem Silchenko stretches in the shadows before competition in Yucatan, Mexico.


Michal Navratil warms up with some rope skiping in front of the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain.


Sergio Guzman prays before diving in Cartegena, Colombia.


Steven LoBue reacts after the pain of a water entry, Azores, Portugal.


Anatoliy Shabotenko runs through his dive on the roof of the Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark.


Gary Hunt bounce-juggles as part of his pre-competition routine in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.


David Colturi prior to a training dive in Cali, Colombia.


Some of the divers share a laugh on the beach at Hong Island, Thailand.


Artem Silchenko walks through the Cartegena Convention Centre to get to the platform on the roof, Colombia.


Orlando Duque sits under a rock overhang next to the competition venue on Inis Mor Island, Ireland.


Jonathan Paredes prepares for diving with musical solitude in Cali, Colombia.


Blake Aldridge hobbles into the athletes area after injuring his knee while diving in Bilbao, Spain.


Jose Wilker takes time while preparing to do a new dive, Cali, Colmbia.


Gary Hunt sits on a boat after winning the Kragero event in Norway.


Angela Passenbrunner removes strapping tape from David Colturi at Sao Miguel, Portugal.


Steven LoBue waits on the platform with the other athletes prior to diving in Chichen Itza, Mexico.


Anatoliy Shabotenko backflips while Artem Silchenko looks on in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Orlando Duque relaxes between dives at a fishermans hut on Hong Island, Thailand.


Artem Silchenko sits in the Mostar Divers Club prior to the seeding round in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Jun 18
Fujifilm X-E2

​I have been getting accustomed to using my Fujifilm X-E2 over the last few months, as it's quite a different handling animal compared to my Canons, but it works digital wonders and and I'm intergrating it into my work more and more. The size and portability is terrific and the quality it can output is outstanding, plus the size and weight makes it a guilty pleasure!

I am using a combination of the Fujinon 14mm f2.8 (21mm equivalent) and 35mm f1.4 (53mm), but with the help of the magic adapter I have resurrected some of my old Olympus Zuiko analogue glass. A 55mm f1.2 (82mm), 85mm f2 (128mm) and 135mm f2.8 (203mm). Next I'll be dusting off my 180mm f2.8 to see how 270mm looks on the 16MP sensor.

Here are some recent images from shoots in Switzerland, Cuba and Texas. Underneath each I'll list the lens used, although a couple will be an educated guess dredged from my memory as the metadata obviously does not record the analogue focal length.

DT_070514_RBCDCUB_LIFE_24219.jpg Zuiko 55mm

DT_070514_RBCDCUB_LIFE_24152.jpgFujinon 14mm

DT_080514_RBCDCUB_CELI_24763.jpgZuiko 135mm

DT_080514_RBCDCUB_SILC_24497.jpgFujinon 35mm

DT_080514_RBCDCUB_LIFE_24662.jpgFujinon 14mm

DT_140504_RBCDTEX_LIFE_25284.jpgZuiko 135mm

DT_140605_RBCDTEX_SIMP_25632.jpgFujinon 14mm


Fujinon 35mm

DT_140504_RBCDTEX_LIFE_25361.jpgFujinon 14mm

DT_080514_RBCDCUB_KOLA_24746.jpgFujinon 35mm

DT_080514_RBCDCUB_NAVR_24818.jpgFujinon 14mm

DT_080514_RBCDCUB_JUNI_24457.jpgFujinon 14mm

DT_080514_RBCDCUB_NAVR_24473.jpgFujinon 14mm


Fujinon 35mm

Mar 27
Kawhia Motors, Otorohonga, New Zealand.

A couple of shots taken with my Nokia Lumia 1020, the image quality from this phone continues to impress me​!

2014-03-25 10.42.57.jpgWP_20140325_10_45_56_Pro20140327144520140327150548.jpg

Mar 20
National Geographic DPS

It was nice to see my shot of Orlando Duque diving in the Azores featured in March 2014 issues of National Geographic all around the world. There are some publications it's always a kick to be published in and this is certainly one of them! 2014-03-18 12.40.21.jpg

Feb 09
Cold Day in the Office

​With the Matterhorn looking a bit like Mount Doom in the background, I'm finishing off a shoot in the last light of the day in Zermatt, Switzerland. Thanks JON NASH for the shot!


Dec 12
Early Christmas Present

​I received my Nokia 1020 Lumia mobile phone today with it's 41MP sensor and Zeiss optics... Any chance of being sceptical regarding what it's capable of quickly took a back seat as I wandered around the Salzburg Christmas Market. Amazing results.